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If you have your machine handy

Quite often the banner name on the machine itself will not be sufficient - eg "Goblin 1400W" will apply to all Goblin vacuum cleaners that are rated as 1400 Watt.
So, turn your machine over and find the rating plate. You will then be able to find the Model No of your machine.
Now, in the two drop-down menus on the left - first select your make (eg Electrolux) and then scroll down to find the model (from the rating plate)

If you have a pack of your previous bags handy

Although there are many different makes of vacuum cleaner bags, most packets will display the bag type - eg "E82N"
Some packets will display a code begining with the word "BAG" eg: "BAG50"
Now, in search box - top left in the menu - type in the bag code or bag type
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